El Scorcho Icons (elscorchoicons) wrote,
El Scorcho Icons

Weezer Mood Theme

Sample images:




132 Weezer mood images :D.

Download the zip file here

This took me ages so please at least comment if you're using.

First, go to the Admin Console

Type in: moodtheme_create weezer theme

A number will appear. Copy it, and go into the 'adminconsole' notepad file in the mood theme folder you just downloaded. Click 'Edit', then 'Replace'. In the 'find what' box, type 123456 and in the 'replace with' box, paste in the number you just copied.

Go to 'replace again' and type http://www.yourimagehost.com/ in the 'find what' box, then the url of the place you've uploaded your images to into the 'replace with' box.

Copy all the text in the file and paste it into the admin console box, then press ok.

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